Here comes Trimester 3 of MMU!

…and it started off with quite a BANG, and I mean it.
Well, as everyone may or may not know, I’m a late submissioner of quite a lot of stuff, and this is one of it … I did not register for any subject yet and it already the first day of class!!!, stuff.

Oh well, at least I still could register for a few couple of subjects. Much to my own dismay I didn’t pass Discrete Structure, could you believe that I never even able to comprehend WHAT THE HECK IS THE SUBJECT IS ALL ABOUT!!!

Pssh…and I may never will too… Huh, since they did not offer that subject in Trimester 3, I can’t do anything about it. Heh, as the matter of fact, this may be the easiest trimester around. Adding if and only if I study… haha

Lesse… I’ve taken..


hmm… quite a sight isn’t it? That Mathematical Techniques got full really fast and they finally added in a new class to accommodate new students who want to join due to failures, new intakes and etc.

Ohh yeah, I just remembered that we’re supposed to create a Bank ATM programme for assigment, easy enough to said, but how am I supposed to create an user password input? I need references.. Although these may be more than enough, but I really like learning from a completed program to learn…

Geh, but I have in my data bank near completed Bank Programming file for reference and I’m not afraid to use it except it was stated that, no copying… well, I could always create my own from the experts, The only problem is user input passwords…


Now enuff yakking about studies already… It’s not good, only adding stress to people darn it…
Ever since the first week I’ve been reading say at least 30 different manga, a full set of Sonic the Hedgehog comic, a few movies and surfing the net non-stop… It can really make a girl terribly hungry by surfing non-stop… and hey! right now I’m playing Digimon World 3 on my PSX emulator non-stop and I could say I’m proud to have MetalGarurumon!
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