Done with bolts and screws

Fuh, finally done with 3d screws and bolts.
Although I had to modify them a bit due to the lack of version 2009 in the lab, I was 70% satisfied with my job. I don’t think I need texturing too much, they only want modelling and aesthetics in them.

The request : Do this picture in 3D Max.

And I did. Almost…

Haha, the rendering was low quality. Hate that… I need better rendering techniques…

Oh well, I got another request just a moment ago… this time I’ll need to model a drum set. I’ll get this one done by today, if I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of the job…


My tools : 3D Max 2009, Windows Vista with Quad Core Processor of 4G RAM!

Polys : 178,976

Verts : 113,809

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