Virtual Reality courses on the loose

Friday morning, we’re supposed to submit Project 1. But due to messiness and uncontrollable placings of the pictures and captions, all of the submissions was rejected. Aw darn it… And we need to reprint, replace, and remade the hardcopy into an acceptable submission. Their quality ratings are high… It feels just like we’re dealing with professionals here… Extended due date : next Tuesday.

Ack, wait…I havent taken any picture of MMU for project 2 at all either! And the submission date is next Tuesday too! Supposedly to pick 5 intresting places based on Principles of Design : contrast, harmony, proportion, balance, movement, perpective and unity. Each picture must have at least 2 from the stated principles. Having none of the knowledge of photography, I was struggling to figure out what is what. Finally, I need to sketch these into a 5R sized picture.

Then, I need permission from my parents for VR class trip to Pangkor Island. We’re gonna go explore a cave, snorkelling, barbequeing and taking pictures of the scenery, design, etc. Oh… and I need an XLR camera too! It is a must. Where the heck can I find an XLR camera?! I don’t want to borrow from someone else! We’re going into a cave! A CAVE!!! And bringing along someone else XLR camera?! I’m definetly just inviting death on my doorstep… hahaha…

P.S: what makes this even worse… I do not have enough money to do most of these… 

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