Preparing for trip to Perak!!!

It’s not for fun only though, awww… we still got assigments to do there. And I forgot to buy towels ~ *angst* *angst* *angst* ~ 

Now, I need to take shots that represent a unique enviroment in portraying space and time using quicktime VR  (QVTR). In 360 view…

Sites : 

Kuala Kangsar 

  • Istana Kenangan
  • Istana Iskandariah
  • Victoria Bridge
  • Handicraft Development
  • Kampung Sayong

Pulau Pangkor

  • Kota Belanda
  • Pangkor Town

The shots that I hope to take are from either Victoria Bridge, Kampung Sayong, Kota Belanda and Pangkor Town. If I got addicted then maybe I’ll take shots from all the sites available. But that also means I’ll need huge amount of disk available.

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