DELL Studio Notebook and 3D vision

Just got the laptop! Now I don’t have to worry about having to search for PC’s on the go anymore. Each and everytime, when searching for PC outside, usually the PC is … … alien to me. The system, restrictions, programs, and etc. are alien language to me. Cybercafe’s are configured for DOTA, CS, XDO and online game players. Since my preference is something like programming and designing, the Cybercafe’s is more like a net prison.

Back to the Notebook, just got it at 7 July 2010 at 9pm. A few minutes after getting it. Straight in installing all the nessecary software. Adobe’s, Max’s, Unity. Problem is… McAffe suddenly deletes my configuration file, without informing the user except a small caption,

“__ was deleted because it was a trojan, no nessecary action needed.” .

“!!!” I went, and tried my best searching for the settings to disable the automatic deletion from McAfee but to failed. It seems, that this new version of McAfee would not give the user a chance to enable debugging while it’s so called “Actively protecting the  user from threats from anywhere”.

It might been good for the normal user, but is a hindrance for me, who actively uses debugger, cracks, hacks, for my projects. And so, I uninstalled all of the McAfee services from my system, which is a waste of money since I already got the subcription paid. And went for Keperskey, which in my opinion is the best Protector for my system till now.

Back to the Studio Laptop.

  • Type DELL Studio 155B
  • System appeal at 6/10.
  • It’s fast, of course, since I ordered an i7 processor with 6gB ram installed.
  • 5oogB drive space.
  • Windows 7 Professional 64bit.

I realized that the laptop is not as powerful as my desktop, but it passed for my hectic mobile usage. Honestly, I wanted that Toshiba Satellite A669 laptop that offers a 3D vision technology within it. But I can’t find the fastest, nearest dealer around me in such a short time. I needed a mobile system fast, and DELL provides the speed. The laptop came to me at exactly 10 days after the payment made. And thank goodness it does.

At a later date, when I could find enough money, I would want to buy that DELL Alienware OptXTM AW2310 3D monitor (priced at RM 1,729) and a Nvidia 3D Vision kit. Why? Because I want to experience games in a whole new dimension!

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