Universal Studio Singapore ~ Water World Action

Water World Entrance

This is Water World

Where walls are made from zincs. Weapons made from food. Household items made from junks.


"Come on Miss, let me show you to your seat"

"Wait, this is the soak zone isn't it?"

"Oops, my hands slipped" "!!!"

"It's a nice seat, isn't it?" "!!!"

The guy in the white shirt expression was totally priceless. He wore that face for a minute or so.

"Oh hey! I found another victim!" "Oh darn it, Noooo! I'll remember this!"

Pre-show events of attendees playing pranks on the audience.

Here ye! Hear ye!

Watch the video to experience Water World in full glory! Due to the attendees spraying water to my cams, I had to wrap them in water-proof bag. They really do chase after the ones who runs, or cover themselves in raincoats. Aaaaah… How I wished for a water-proof camera….

Video below is the Hollywood version of the show. A teeny bit different from the one in Singapore. The most obvious? The guests counts. Because of that, the attendees are having lots of fun chasing after their victims.

And thus the show ends. With a bang!

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