Echochrome (無限回廊 Mugen Kairō?, lit. “endless walkway”) (usually styled in lower case: echochrome) is a puzzle game created by Sony’s JAPAN Studio and Game Yarouze, which is available for PlayStation 3 from the PlayStation Store and for PlayStation Portable(PSP) on either UMD or from the PlayStation Store. Gameplay involves a mannequin figure traversing a rotatable world where physics and reality depend on perspective.

Trying out the echochrome, I was surprised with the game mechanics. Using perspective to connect paths. I couldn’t find the exact word for it, simple, but challenging.

inspired from Relativity (M. C. Escher)

the path can be altered merely by rotating the shapes and viewing them from a different perspective, if a gap or obstacle is obscured, the character will behave as if the path continues behind the object which currently obscures the gap or obstacle from view.

Maybe it would be easier to just show the video first.

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