Exploring the PS3

Owning a PS3, I want to explore the endless possibilities available in the little black box called the PlayStation 3. Although the only TV I had is a small low resolution 21 inch TV, which is way too small for me to read anything of the interfaces. Anyway, onto some of the games I’ve played on PS3.

So far, played Little Big Planet. Amazed with the ability to create your own levels, customize your character (sack boy) appearance. And meet other players, in real-time! WHEE! I’m happy!!!

meet friends in LBP

Then, since I got it, played Sonic Unleashed. WOW! I cant keep up with him zooming around! Definitely need time to get used to the corners and rooftops!

Sonic at 300++ mph

Finally, Playstation Home. Due to the unavailability of PsHome in Malaysia, I had to create a Singapore account to experience it. It amazing, you could even compare trophies.

I get this feeling that PlayStation HOME is almost exactly like Second Life.

I tried it out, and it’s easier to use. The only difference is PSHOME is user-friendly, and SL is user-controlled.

I’m quite weak at explaining things, so lets watch the quick tour of PsHome.

A game area where you could play pool or bowling together

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