Windows 7 – disappearing data

Okay, I’m not much of a blogger, but here’s my next review of Second Life Exploration. To **Straylight!

*The blue screen of death appears for a split second.


*Restarting system.


*Windows did not shutdown correctly, please choose one of the following.

  • *Start Windows in Safe Mode
  • *Start Windows in Safe Mode with networking
  • *Start Windows normally

“Now why did my system crashed…?”

*Please input password

“Oh well, maybe I open the system too long?”

*The desktop appears normally, but something is amiss.

“Hmm? Now where did my desktop shortcuts went?”

*Open the all programs list.

“Wait a minute…!”

*Searching for installed programs, NONE.


*Searching the C driver for installed programs and documents, NONE.*

“What happened?! Since when a crash could reformat my hard disk to the way it was when I first got it?!”

*A laptop is flying out of the 5th floor window… OMG

“GRAAAGHHHHH!!!! All my hard work!!!”

A laptop is flying out of the window... OMG

Well, I didn’t actually threw my laptop out of the window, but I felt that way. But phew, thank goodness I got system restore enabled. Still, What the Heck is this?! Something like this isn’t supposed to happen! Not with a 1 month old system!

Even My software all bugged up! And my mouse pointer! It got so damn big all of a sudden without any way to turn it back to normal except restarting!

Currently watching this site for this kind of problem.

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