Project dothack G.U

No, I’m not doing this one in digital 3D, but in real life. My task, bringing the dothack character to real life, and it’s not that easy. (/|||| ̄▽ ̄)/

The setting of Project .hack is a future world in which the majority of Earth has been connected to the Internet and almost all computers use the operating system Altimit OS. The story is centered around a fictional MMORPG named The World and a series of events known as the Twilight Incident in which players of The World began falling into comas.

Have you ever played the game? I already played the original series, G.U series and Link – which is in Japanese language. So far, I loved the setting, trend and fashion sense of the G.U series. And right now, I’m constructing – well, reconstructing – Haseo’s giant chainsaw broadsword. Darn big!

Haseo's Blade Ripper

Due to lack of references, I had to screenshot the images from the game by using the PS2 emulator – that piece of software really saved me ( ̄Д)=3

Other than screenshots, well, lot’s and lot’s of net surfing. The internet is HUGE!

Reference links,

What’s my progress?

messy setting

Here's the main sword. Btw, you can see a naked Silabus sword at the back.

One of the side wings

The top cover

Images are taken from my laptop webcam.

I still have the center circles and the saw blades to make. That doesn’t include the armor yet. And I still can’t find the perfect color paint.

And there’s still assignments to go too. |||||/( ̄ロ ̄;)\|||||||

But I will finish this by December 10!!!  八(^□^*) I hope.

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