A list of what to do

A few of must be completed before 2nd week of March.


  • Twin Blade
  • Remake of Broad Legged
  • Remake of Costume Armor


  • Goddess Scythe


  • remake of costume
  • finishing up Fern Blade

Ahhh, so early in the year already busy. Outside so darn cold it’s actually freezing, and I’m supposed to be in a tropical country! Yesterday a house did a complete throwout of the stuff/junk inside, and I sneak away with some useful stuff I found XD. One is a nice cylinder looking thing with a spring attached on the back and it make a thundering roar like thunder when you shake it. O.o interesting stuff!

Right now thinking a way on how to fold Zelkova Scythe nicely into a folded version. Ganbatte! ^-^

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