Data : Zelkova aka Keyaki of Moon Tree


~ I'm Zelkova ~

Zelkova the Flick Reaper ~ Leader of the Moon Tree Guild – 月の樹 and Master of the Net Slum
Zelkova (C) .Hack//G.U – .Hack//G.U+ – .Hack//Roots
Illustration by allenerie of deviantart


  • Zelkova (欅, Keyaki, lit. “Moon Tree”) is a male Flick Reaper. He is the Guildmaster and also the captain of the first division of Moon Tree, a guild in The World R:2 which consists of over 1000 pacifists and peace promoters. He is also the master of Net Slum.
  • Zelkova has the appearance of a young boy in white Japanese-styled clothing, with silver hair and golden eyes. He wears a blue obi, and carries an oversized fan as part of his outfit.
  • He also has horns atop his head, which some players say are a cheat, while others claim it’s a rare item similar to Balmung‘s wings.
  • He is kind, compassionate, understanding, and seemingly incapable of anger. He is also unbelievably powerful. Despite this, he lacks any real ambition, and has more fun teaching his members and exploring The World than organizing and managing most aspects of the guild.

Zelkova in G.U.+


  • In the Japanese version of the game, Zelkova’s name was Keyaki. The name Keyaki means “Zelkova serrata” or “Keaki”, which is a type of East Asian elm. Before becoming Keyaki, Zelkova went by the name Tsukinoki, which is another word for the same tree. The name of his guild, Moon Tree (“Tsuki no Ki” in Japanese), is a pun off of this.
  • His weapon is called the Goddess Scythe in the English version of the series, and the Palm of Kannon in the Japanese version.
  • Zelkova’s PC is only 5’1″ (156 cm) in height.
  • He joins Haseo’s Party at 127 and his starting weapon, Goddess Scythe, is the strongest Scythe in the game.

Unfolding the Goddess Scythe

  • In G.U.+, he wields a Scythe Dakini

Zelkova wields a Dakini in G.U.+

  • His costume did not change much during .Hack//Link, but his weapon gets another makeover ~


Zelkova in .Hack//Link



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