Searching for a way to Play Eagle Eye Mystery

I want a remake of this game…. or replay…. whatever possible.

For now, I’ll opt for replays, but this game is made for the DOS. How am I supposed to play it?

So I started by Following this tutorial. And got terribly confused with the HARD way. Oh-crud. So, I went and did the EASY way.

1. Went and download DOSBox
2. Download pre-installed copy of Eagle Eye Mystery via the following link:

Instructions below:

1. Extract the file to a folder such as c:\eem\ (Since the file already has a folder called eem in it you can also just mount it to C:\ it’ll be c:\eem\ after that.)
2. open Dosbox
3. Type: Mount c C:\eem
4. Type: C:
5. Type: eem
6. Enjoy playing the game!


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