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Completed? Of the Turtle Sorter

Cant say it’s completed, lotsĀ of thingsĀ are missing… maybe I’ll come back and improve this later. And I still am struggling with unity… just cat get the hang of Java, always mixes them with C++.

And here I’m trying to find out where to upload zip files without me forgetting the usernames and passwords.


Drum set : Completed!

Fuuh… the only problem I encountered here is my lack of time to model this set due to other project….

Kinda like the final result, no texturing was done yet on these set though.

Do this picture in 3D Max:

I did, and I want to texture this set!!! Just add a bit of enviroment to this and I’m ready to create a new scene!!!


My tools : 3D Max 2009, Windows Vista with Quad Core Processor of 4G RAM!

Polys : 105,518

Verts : 105,343

p.s:I want to model more of these stuff….