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Exploring Second Life – Straylights

Okay, fixed that persistent little bug in my system. Now I can really go to Straylights!

The bridge

Umm, reminds me of… Alice in Wonderland? This pace got great texturing. I seems so… outdoor, peaceful, and attractive.  The water effects are great, probably using a UV scrolling method.

Light coming in from the sky

Now this is interesting, I’ve yet to come across a place with this kind of light effect anywhere in Second Life. Seeing this, what else could I say? Amazing!

So this is why they called the place Straylights

Seeing the environment and level of detail given to this place, I would love to enjoy the stereoscopic version!

Che, got lost again

Cometh, I will be your guide

They're all here

This actually spooked me the first time, I went … for a while before realizing, it’s actually flowing! How in the world did they do this amazing light particle effect?!


Exploring Second Life – International Spaceflight Museum

Well now, since it’s been a while from the last time I logged into Second Life. I decided to enter SL yet again. I don’t really prefer SL due to certain reasons, like sudden disconnections, or crazies who do immoral stuffs, or a group of users who kept complaining, complaining, complaining in the middle of the crowd. And that time when the SL environment around me appear the banner **** non-stop with annoying sound-effects… Totally kills the mood there…

Back to Second Life, okay, I’m now at International Spaceflight Museum and here at the entrance is, space!

Theres a huge banner of the solar system here

Okay, from what I know so far about the International Space flight museum is,

Oh hey! I found the visual map of ISM! Now this will make my life a whole lot easier!

Spaceport Alpha Map - International Spaceflight Museum

Now where should I go?

The New Horizons Spacecraft will reach the planet in 2015

Hmm, I want to go to Pluto.

Pluto, or 134340 Pluto, is the second-largest dwarf planet in the Solar System (after Eris) and tenth-largest body known orbiting our Sun. Originally classified as a planet, Pluto is now considered the largest member of a distinct population known as the Kuiper Belt.

Pluto is composed primarily of rock and ice and is relatively small: approximately a fifth the mass of the Earth’s Moon and a third its volume.

Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, are sometimes treated together as a binary system because the barycenter of their orbits does not lie within either body. Pluto has two known smaller moons, Nix and Hydra, discovered in 2005.

The name Pluto was proposed by Venetia Burney (later Venetia Phair), an eleven-year-old schoolgirl in Oxford, England. She considered the name, that of the Roman god of the underworld, appropriate for such a presumably dark and cold world.

I misstepped and fell to Earth!

Oh? A simulator of the Solar System

Wandered into a tree house of sorts

Second Life – ReEntry

Second Life!

Finally I can play SL without the serious lagness that I keeps experiencing. Now I could load a character in fastest 3 seconds flat! No more souls wandering around! And joining music clubs around! Go Lance!

Btw, my in-game name is Seantriana Silvershade.

List of my bookmarks for Second Life

About IMAX

What is IMAX actually?

Image representation of an IMAX theater

IMAX has the capacity to record and display images of far greater size and resolution than most conventional film systems. A standard IMAX screen is 22 × 16.1 m (72 × 52.8 ft) and they are generally the same everywhere. IMAX theatres are described as either “Classic Design,” (Purpose-built structures designed to house an IMAX theatre) or “Multiplex Design.” (Existing multiplex auditoriums that have been retrofitted with IMAX technology). [2] The world’s largest cinema screen (and IMAX screen) is in theLG IMAX theatre in Sydney, New South Wales. It is approximately 8 stories high, with dimensions of 35.73 × 29.42 m (117.2 × 96.5 ft) and covers an area of more than 1,015 m2 (10,930 sq ft).

That day when we went to the IMAX theater in Berjaya Times Square was an experience I ‘ll never forget. It’s a dream come true to be able to see what’s actually is inside of an IMAX theater. Lately been going to various 3D movies. But always wanted the screen to be a bit… bigger…

Lists of 3D movies watched

  • Up
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Alice in Wonderland (Loved the red queen, and the Cheshire cat!)
  • A Christmas Carol (Wow to this movie)
  • Final Destination 4 (I can’t say it’s scary at all, it’s actually kinda slimy… and gooey… meaty… something…)
  • Avatar (3D’ed 4 times plus once normal cinema screen, and I’d say I loved the 3D more)
  • How to Train your Dragon (3D’ed trice)
  • G-force! (this one is totally cool)

Haha… I think this is the list of the 3D movies I already went to. And for  some of these 3D movies, they also have the IMAX 3D version. Alice in Wonderland is one of them, but I haven’t got the time to find out where and when it’s available in IMAX, 3D or not. Honestly I’d say, a bit dissaponted to not able to experience the IMAX that day, but happy to be able to watch Prince of Persia!

…and a few days before I thought I won’t be able to watch Prince of Persia in big screen because of time constraints… I am one happy fellow…

Image is not related to the movie watched

This is actually the prince from the game of the same title Prince of Persia, and…. I can’t resists inserting his picture here. Experienced the game, loved the environment, and noticing a lot of similarities of the movie and this game. Well… they do share the same origin…

Okay… I’m going a bit off topic here…

Next, Prince of Persia ~ the movie! and game!

*I can’t resist the game!