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ATM Problem Operation

Here goes nothing,

As I wander around looking for clues on how to create a PIN function I found this site on ATM Problem Operation Form. Probably one of the best site to find samples on ATM machines, they even break the problem for easier reading. And here an ATM Simulation Code, for easy reference…

And here they have some samples, I feel lazy to check them all right now….


Assigment~~~ much??

Gah!!! I feel frustrated becos I cant solve my C++ solutions…..

waaa….. where does this code go wrong?
gah I’m the one who coded it so I went wrong somewhere…
thinking too much at the same time really does affect you in a bad way~~~

okay, I need to get a grip on myself and check whats wrong with the code…
hmmm…. this wont do….
now I’m lost~~~