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Exploring Second Life – Straylights

Okay, fixed that persistent little bug in my system. Now I can really go to Straylights!

The bridge

Umm, reminds me of… Alice in Wonderland? This pace got great texturing. I seems so… outdoor, peaceful, and attractive.  The water effects are great, probably using a UV scrolling method.

Light coming in from the sky

Now this is interesting, I’ve yet to come across a place with this kind of light effect anywhere in Second Life. Seeing this, what else could I say? Amazing!

So this is why they called the place Straylights

Seeing the environment and level of detail given to this place, I would love to enjoy the stereoscopic version!

Che, got lost again

Cometh, I will be your guide

They're all here

This actually spooked me the first time, I went … for a while before realizing, it’s actually flowing! How in the world did they do this amazing light particle effect?!


Exploring Second Life – Numbakulla

Okay, now to exploring Second Life. I have been distracted with the PlayStation 3 HOME to explore SL, reason? Not sure, maybe the environment that attracts me?

Anyway, now I’m in SL, exploring Numbakulla.

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Exploring the PS3

Owning a PS3, I want to explore the endless possibilities available in the little black box called the PlayStation 3. Although the only TV I had is a small low resolution 21 inch TV, which is way too small for me to read anything of the interfaces. Anyway, onto some of the games I’ve played on PS3.

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Completed? Of the Turtle Sorter

Cant say it’s completed, lots of things are missing… maybe I’ll come back and improve this later. And I still am struggling with unity… just cat get the hang of Java, always mixes them with C++.

And here I’m trying to find out where to upload zip files without me forgetting the usernames and passwords.


Echochrome (無限回廊 Mugen Kairō?, lit. “endless walkway”) (usually styled in lower case: echochrome) is a puzzle game created by Sony’s JAPAN Studio and Game Yarouze, which is available for PlayStation 3 from the PlayStation Store and for PlayStation Portable(PSP) on either UMD or from the PlayStation Store. Gameplay involves a mannequin figure traversing a rotatable world where physics and reality depend on perspective.

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Oh, I haven’t updated my blog in a while.

Oh well, I have fun at the Gamefest! PS3 galore!!! Freebies!!! Lan Party!!! -I didn’t enter btw, got work to do-
They even broke the record! Although I didn’t feel proud with it…? Wonder why..?
At last finished with 3DMax comission city! I had to limit my work since the polygon count is reaching 700k.
Yeah, the scattering took my ram away, I haven’t figured out if Max can make all these scatterings cache’s than meshes…
Montaj’s for VR is done! Just need to spray mount them onto the board. I need cutter too btw.
p.s. I’m not satisfied with my work at all…

Meh, too sleepy to post anything

Yesterday went to KLCC for montaj photoshoot. Don’t have much to say, I take the pool, Hikaru took the KLCC.

Kids Swimming Pool

KLCC Tower

Kids Swimming Pool (night)
KLCC Tower (night)

Found out that the Pasar Seni Grafitti are back!!!


The day before yesterday?
I got these… XD
Sonic the Hedgehog Next-Gen (2006) and Sonic Unleashed (2008) !