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What is DropBox?

Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization.

This service actually helps me, a LOT!




Supplies for 3D essentials

I was hunting for Zbrush essentials, but couldn’t find it anywhere. But I did finds the 3Dsmax essentials and Maya essentials, which actually give the exact same tutorials, with few exclusive specials. Along with Fantasy Art essentials.




Went and bought the Sonic Genesis too. Got disappointed when I couldn’t find issue 225 though.


Fear. What is it really? – mirrors –

It’s disbelieving, really. Years ago I would finished reading a 20 page article in a few hours tops. Now I’m struggling to top even finish them in a day. What could be so different? I even finished that Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire in 2 or 3 days, with school!

Maybe I just out if practice for speedreading, or something… But my average speed for reading is way faster than most of them, I could easily understand what an article talking about while looking over someone shoulders and asking them to turn the pages after a few seconds scanning does have their moments. I learned to just patiently let them read the whole thing and wait.

…that reminds me. I often noticed that I have a terrible memory in remembering faces. People faces, human. But have absolutely no problem remembering how objects looked l like, and how easily I could “delete” faces from memory. personally, I think this is not a very good thing…

Maybe I’m just easily distracted?

I can’t even remember how my face looked like even. Dont mention mirrors, I really dislike the moment you step into an elevator with wall mirrors.

Do I really have this fear of mirror?

Go up to a mirror. Get close to it, and press your forehead against the glass. Stare into your own reflections eyes for as long as you can, without blinking. Focus, and concentrate. When you blink, do it all over again. Do this 3 or 4 times, and suddenly, when you are so focussed on not blinking, take a look.

I actually dont want to do this exercise. I have this sinking feeling that I won’t like what I see. I will ask, “Who is this creature staring back at me?”.

Oh gods, now I’m having suggestions that I feared cameras too.

Maybe it’s that. Fear if reflections, of life? Or fear of thyself? Myself?

There’s proof too! I rarely have images of faces, animals! But I have lenses on everything else. I can’t remember the l last time I actually, willingly, took my own picture. It’s a dreading feeling. Seeing yourself in the picture, but subconscious telling you that the one in the picture is not yourself, but something…. someone else.

Is there such thing as a fear of sleep? Of closing your eyes?

I did experience this, many times. Though I suspect movies are the main cause. When you close your eyes, images came. In mine, I saw various things, sometimes I even wonder that I’m dreaming, but I’m sure I did not….

Probably my imagination getting high, should’ve avoided that cake.

The effect of college assigments.

More spesifically in my case.

1. You will not have enough sleep
2. You will lost track of time
3. You will not have enough time to do anything else
4. You will suddenly lost the ability to multitask
5. You will suddey lost concentration
6. You will feel stressed
7. Your pc suddenly could not cope with you
8. You will feel tired
9. You will try to do your best
10. You will faint for a few day after it’s done

Ask though actually it’s not done, but atleast most of it were done.

Seantriana out, will now do networking for Unity3D.

Android – my first time

Whoa! This is, how do I say this. Easy! As in easy to
use! This is my first time changing my phone to something like this, honestly, it was becoming a pain to schedule my work with a Nokia N70. I love this technology!

Oh yeah! If I’m not mistaken, Unity3D can also support Android? Hah, I’ve been using Unity3D for how long and still confused by it. Time to a back to the basic classes.

Apparently I was too tired to do anythin…

Apparently I was too tired to do anything these past 2 weeks, keep falling asleep while driving, huh….

Comic Fiesta is here!

Whoa! Need to clean the house!

The props are done!

How it looks like at my little laptop table

The living room after the rush

Prepare for the mighty glue gun, craft foam!

The spray paint, gunned on.

Tall!!! Whoa!

No progress shot much, since we did this one in a rush.

Looking foward to the next prop-making! XD

close up shot