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Supplies for 3D essentials

I was hunting for Zbrush essentials, but couldn’t find it anywhere. But I did finds the 3Dsmax essentials and Maya essentials, which actually give the exact same tutorials, with few exclusive specials. Along with Fantasy Art essentials.




Went and bought the Sonic Genesis too. Got disappointed when I couldn’t find issue 225 though.



Sonic Unleashed, finally unlocked the Empire City day stage, act 1

Two words: EXTREME FAST!

I can’t hold my excitement while running through that stage! Even with this small pixelated TV I can see the HUGE area, the SPEED, and the RAILS! This stage need skills to manoeuvre around as death falls are frequent, one wrong step and you fall.

Below is my recording of Sonic Unleashed : Empire City Daytime Act 1 on PS3. Surprise, surprise! I got my first S for this stage!

About SEGA

Sega Corporation (株式会社セガ Kabushiki-kaisha Sega) is a multinational video game software and hardware development company, and a home computer and console manufacturer headquartered in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan. The company had success with both arcades and home consoles, but on January 24, 2001, formally left the consumer console business and began concentrating on software development for multiple third-party platforms.

Sega’s main offices, as well as the main offices of its domestic division, Sega Corporation (Japan), are located in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan. Sega’s European division, Sega Europe Ltd., is headquartered in the Chiswick area of London. Sega’s North American division, Sega of America Inc., is headquartered in San Francisco, California; having moved there from Redwood City, California in 1999. Sega Australia’s headquarters are located in Sydney, New South Wales.


Origins and entry into the video game market (1945–1989)

Sega was founded in 1940 as Standard Games (later Service Games) in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States,by Martin Bromely, Irving Bromberg, and James Humpert to provide coin-operated amusements for American servicemen on military bases. Bromely suggested that the company move to Tokyo, Japan in 1951 and in May 1952 “SErvice GAmes of Japan” was registered.

In 1954, another American businessman, David Rosen, fell in love with Tokyo and established his own company, Rosen Enterprises, Inc., in Japan to export art. When the company imported coin-operated instant photo booths, it stumbled on a surprise hit: The booths were very popular in Japan. Business was booming, and Rosen Enterprises expanded by importing coin-operated electro-mechanical games.

Rosen Enterprises and Service Games merged in 1965 to make Sega Enterprises. Within a year, the new company released a submarine-simulator game called Periscope that became a smash-hit worldwide.

In 1969, Gulf+Western purchased Sega, and Rosen was allowed to remain CEO of the Sega division. Under Rosen’s leadership, Sega continued to grow and prosper.

In the video game arcades, Sega was known for games such as Zaxxon and Out Run. Sega’s revenues would hit $214 million by 1982 and in 1983, Sega would release its first video game console, the SG-1000, the first 3D arcade video game, SubRoc-3D, which used a special periscope viewer to deliver individual images to each eye, and the first laserdisc arcade game, Astron Belt.

In the same year, Sega was hit hard by the American video game crash. Hemorrhaging money, Gulf+Western sold the U.S. assets of Sega to famous pinball manufacturer Bally Manufacturing Corporation. The Japanese assets of Sega were purchased for $38 million by a group of investors led by Rosen and Hayao Nakayama, a Japanese businessman who owned a distribution company that had been acquired by Rosen in 1979. Nakayama became the new CEO of Sega, and Rosen became head of its subsidiary in the United States.

In 1984, the multibillion dollar Japanese conglomerate CSK bought Sega, renamed it to Sega Enterprises Ltd., headquartered it in Japan, and two years later, shares of its stock were being traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. David Rosen’s friend, Isao Okawa, the chairman of CSK, became chairman of Sega.

In 1986, Sega of America was established to take advantage of the resurgent video game market in the United States.

Sega would also release the Sega Master System and the first Alex Kidd game, who would be Sega’s mascot until 1991 when Sonic the Hedgehog took over. While the Master System was technically superior to the NES, it failed to capture market share in North America due to highly aggressive strategies by Nintendo and ineffective marketing by Tonka. However, it did dominate the European and Brazilian markets until Sega discontinued the system in Europe in 1996, and in Brazil in 2000.

Hey All : Knight of the wind by Crush 40

I love this band! Techno pop soundtracks are the best!!! Not only that, they are somewhat the official sountracker for most of Sonic games!!! Which add to why I love this band!

‘Knight Of The Wind’, Taped at ABS studio in Tokyo, Oct.14th, 2008. It was the last thing we did at the recording studio. Enjoy! -Johnny & Jun / Crush 40…..


I want Sonic Unleashed!!!!

Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed, also known as Sonic World Adventure in Japan, is an upcoming video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The name was trademarked by Sega on March 12, 2008. Screenshots of cut scenes, artwork, and a video were leaked ten days later; the title was then officially confirmed by Sega on April 3, 2008 with a small selection of screenshots and an updated video.

The gameplay style is markedly different when compared to recent games. It will focus on 2D side-scrolling platform gameplay, rendered with 3D visuals, as well as behind-the-back, third-person stages. Gameplay will seamlessly transition between these two styles.


Sonic Unleashed begins at the end of an untold story which sees Sonic confronting his nemesis, Doctor Eggman, bounding around a fleet of spaceships, and transforming to Super Sonic – Sonic transformed using the power of the Chaos Emeralds – in order to stop him. However, Eggman manages to trap him using a powerful new ray weapon which corrupts the power of the emeralds. He then uses the Emeralds’ energy to unleash a powerful beast from the center of the planet, which has devastating consequences, shattering the planet into pieces; it is up to Sonic to solve the crisis by travelling the world, finding shrines that will fix the Emeralds, in order to return the world back to normal.

In addition, Eggman’s ray also causes an unexpected transformation to Sonic’s state, and Sonic’s progress will be made even more difficult when the ray and the transformed Emeralds have the unforeseen side-effect of transforming him into a werehog – a beast form with greater strength and abilities – at night.


Well, I think I need some upgrades on this laptop… I really wanted  to install Adobe Photoshop but the memory lack stops me so…. I wanted a Desktop PC…. ohhh…freedom of adding harddrives…


Heck, why do I even bother about Adobe Phothoshop when I got OpenCanvas and Corel Painter in my Laptop? They’re even better in performance that that heavy duty photoshop…

here ye, here ye, my newest wallpaper featuring Sega – Sonic Team characters!

Sonic the Hedgehog!!!

What can I say?
I idolize him since I first saw him at 1992 ^__^

I cant get him off my mind….
Tails n Knux too

what a cool team….