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Forgot I got a WordPress blog….

Dang it..


need update…


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Its the new trimester !


The new trimester is here!
And I’m already busy as it is.
My Satria Neo CPS is cool!
I should call him (The Satria is a male, Mwahahaha! ), Spade.

Wanting to get a desktop PC

I actually do need a workstation right now, a laptop just wont work with this program, I can’t render high detailed 3D image without crashing… I don’t know what, but a laptop, even high powered one just wont do with games engineering…

Pc~ Pc…. I wanna a Pc~ nice one~ maybe I’ll gonna do a Pc casing with 3d ~ gimme 2 days and I’ll post a nice Pc model~

For now, I gotta study math. Limits, derivatives and intergrations are what I need to study. Leave all the others aside, study first~ then crash and continue with programming and modelling~ oh and assigments~

Maya PLE

it’s 3D time!

Now I’ve taken the course computer modelling I’m gonna do it great!
I’ve gotten myself a Maya Personal Learning Editon to help me through the whole process, and it’s one expensive book too. Not only I got Sofware programmming to do, I also got 3d animation ¬†with it too…

~~ahh… so many to do…


I’m bored! Already read about a hundreads comics and I’m still wanting more!

Honestly, what the use of blogs if I only post a couple of lines?

And I’m supposed to pack for Chinese New Year to go to a trip with my family at Cameron Highlands, but something is teribbly missing I say… teribbly missing… and I can’t get my mind on it at all…

New Header

Whoa… that look kinda cool!

Hehe, I looked into my data bank and found several nice arts to edit about. Just to say this imagee is not originally owned by me, Yura did (although I may never actually know the person) and drew this 100% in OpenCanvas, an extremely cool draw on tablet application that is digital! Not to mention they can upload their work from scratch to finishing touches online, other people can actually see the work in progress, no matter whom!
~(just need to upload online and having working in OpenCanvas ONLY)~

That something Photoshop may never ever able to reach, and that is cool…