Apparently I was too tired to do anythin…

Apparently I was too tired to do anything these past 2 weeks, keep falling asleep while driving, huh….


Comic Fiesta is here!

Whoa! Need to clean the house!

The props are done!

How it looks like at my little laptop table

The living room after the rush

Prepare for the mighty glue gun, craft foam!

The spray paint, gunned on.

Tall!!! Whoa!

No progress shot much, since we did this one in a rush.

Looking foward to the next prop-making! XD

close up shot

Ran out of spray paint. Need to find mor…

Ran out of spray paint. Need to find more spray paint… Need to clean up the house… need to clean up the hands… so sticky from gesso’s, paints, and muds (clay).

In class, learning about sound. Remember…

In class, learning about sound. Remember the cassette tapes? I actually had forgotten about them. (-.-;
ADSR – dunno (/|||| ̄▽ ̄)/

I need the tattoos details on this sword…

I need the tattoos details on this sword! And detail color! Looks like dark violet of some kind, and look kinda blue too. And can’t really see the red engravings…. huuuh..(・_・;?

The only detail pic I could find of this sword..

Project dothack G.U

No, I’m not doing this one in digital 3D, but in real life. My task, bringing the dothack character to real life, and it’s not that easy. (/|||| ̄▽ ̄)/

The setting of Project .hack is a future world in which the majority of Earth has been connected to the Internet and almost all computers use the operating system Altimit OS. The story is centered around a fictional MMORPG named The World and a series of events known as the Twilight Incident in which players of The World began falling into comas.

Have you ever played the game? I already played the original series, G.U series and Link – which is in Japanese language. So far, I loved the setting, trend and fashion sense of the G.U series. And right now, I’m constructing – well, reconstructing – Haseo’s giant chainsaw broadsword. Darn big!

Haseo's Blade Ripper

Due to lack of references, I had to screenshot the images from the game by using the PS2 emulator – that piece of software really saved me ( ̄Д)=3

Other than screenshots, well, lot’s and lot’s of net surfing. The internet is HUGE!

Reference links,

What’s my progress?

messy setting

Here's the main sword. Btw, you can see a naked Silabus sword at the back.

One of the side wings

The top cover

Images are taken from my laptop webcam.

I still have the center circles and the saw blades to make. That doesn’t include the armor yet. And I still can’t find the perfect color paint.

And there’s still assignments to go too. |||||/( ̄ロ ̄;)\|||||||

But I will finish this by December 10!!!  八(^□^*) I hope.

The origin of my nickname seantriana

I wanted a unique name without any numbers so I started off by picking out the 1st letter of my favorite character name “S”, then something that sound nice and it just came, so “sean” (also means “gift from god”). I heard rumors that this is the meaning of sean.

Used “tri” to expand the word.

Next is “ana” (also means “me” / “I”).

All of them combined could mean : “Here I am, a gift from god.”

Wait-a-minute! I made up that name out of nowhere! There’s actually a deep meaning to it?!