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Malaysia gets their own PlayStation Home

The moment Malaysian PlayStation users has been waiting for has finally come! At long last PlayStation Home has reached Malaysia!

After a few hours of exploring PSHome, I realized that Malaysian PSHome shares the same server as Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. Not so sure if there are others besides this… because I found a person from Puerto Rico during day 2 of PSHome Malaysia release.

My avatar posing with Vickie, the only NPC seen on Sodium One.

The feature I’m most excited for is the Sodium One MMO exclusive to PSHome users. Players are to control a hovercraft, destroy enemies, collect points, and trade them for items at the base.

Sodium One (abbreviated as S1) is a massively multiplayer online game based in and exclusive to the PS3’s online community-based social gaming network PlayStation ® Home. Sodium One is a combination of a full tank shooting game, called “Sodium One Salt Shooter”, and other associated mini-games that starts somewhere in the Nevada desert. The first five levels of Sodium One Salt Shooter are free. The full game of Sodium One Salt Shooter can be obtained by purchasing the Sodium Pilot Outfit from the Commerce Point, which is a shop with associated Sodium One products and other content from Outso and Lockwood Publishing.

VICKIE is the SodiumA.I. Information Android that tracks all of the users information such as completed objectives. This is where users can find out what objectives need be completed and redeem their Sodium Credits. The objectives are completed through mini-games including Sodium One Salt Shooter Tank Training, Scorpion Stomp, Desert Quench, and the Sodium One Salt Shooter Game. Sodium One Salt Shooter Tank Training is a training mission of the full game where users can train and try to improve their rankings.

Sodium One Salt Shooter machine

The Sodium One Salt Shooter Game is the full version of the Sodium One Salt Shooter Tank Trainer that’s in the Sodium Hub, however, without purchasing the pilot jacket, users can only access the first five levels. The Sodium One Salt Shooter Tank is upgradeable with different weapons, thrusters, afterburners, and other upgrades. The upgrades are obtained through destroying enemy tanks in each level with a boss at the end. Users can also unlock other Home rewards for their Home avatar in the full game of Sodium One Salt Shooter.

My avatar as Lightning from FFXII

Most of the free time in PSHome consists of my avatar running around making fun/friends of people. The appearance of girl avatar are few, to my surprise. Most are boys avatar, and since Malaysia PSHome just launched, most of the avatars wear casual freebies items. And since I’m officially a member of Malaysia region since July 2010, I got the “I love Malaysia” virtual T-shirt for use for my avatar in home, although seldom using them due to more interesting clothes available,  resulting to changing avatar appearance every 30 minutes or so, until I’m stuck with Lightning (from Final Fantasy 13).

But one of the most annoyance that keeps happening to me is the random disconnection from Home that only happens at daytime. The connection to PSHome was smooth during 11 am to 6 am, but it starts disconnecting in daytime until 11pm or so. This might be a PS3 problem, but who knows? I cant really exploit PS3 like I did with a PC. It’s surprisingly fragile and I could’t afford the risk.

Exploring Second Life – Straylights

Okay, fixed that persistent little bug in my system. Now I can really go to Straylights!

The bridge

Umm, reminds me of… Alice in Wonderland? This pace got great texturing. I seems so… outdoor, peaceful, and attractive.  The water effects are great, probably using a UV scrolling method.

Light coming in from the sky

Now this is interesting, I’ve yet to come across a place with this kind of light effect anywhere in Second Life. Seeing this, what else could I say? Amazing!

So this is why they called the place Straylights

Seeing the environment and level of detail given to this place, I would love to enjoy the stereoscopic version!

Che, got lost again

Cometh, I will be your guide

They're all here

This actually spooked me the first time, I went … for a while before realizing, it’s actually flowing! How in the world did they do this amazing light particle effect?!

Exploring Second Life – International Spaceflight Museum

Well now, since it’s been a while from the last time I logged into Second Life. I decided to enter SL yet again. I don’t really prefer SL due to certain reasons, like sudden disconnections, or crazies who do immoral stuffs, or a group of users who kept complaining, complaining, complaining in the middle of the crowd. And that time when the SL environment around me appear the banner **** non-stop with annoying sound-effects… Totally kills the mood there…

Back to Second Life, okay, I’m now at International Spaceflight Museum and here at the entrance is, space!

Theres a huge banner of the solar system here

Okay, from what I know so far about the International Space flight museum is,

Oh hey! I found the visual map of ISM! Now this will make my life a whole lot easier!

Spaceport Alpha Map - International Spaceflight Museum

Now where should I go?

The New Horizons Spacecraft will reach the planet in 2015

Hmm, I want to go to Pluto.

Pluto, or 134340 Pluto, is the second-largest dwarf planet in the Solar System (after Eris) and tenth-largest body known orbiting our Sun. Originally classified as a planet, Pluto is now considered the largest member of a distinct population known as the Kuiper Belt.

Pluto is composed primarily of rock and ice and is relatively small: approximately a fifth the mass of the Earth’s Moon and a third its volume.

Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, are sometimes treated together as a binary system because the barycenter of their orbits does not lie within either body. Pluto has two known smaller moons, Nix and Hydra, discovered in 2005.

The name Pluto was proposed by Venetia Burney (later Venetia Phair), an eleven-year-old schoolgirl in Oxford, England. She considered the name, that of the Roman god of the underworld, appropriate for such a presumably dark and cold world.

I misstepped and fell to Earth!

Oh? A simulator of the Solar System

Wandered into a tree house of sorts

Windows 7 – disappearing data

Okay, I’m not much of a blogger, but here’s my next review of Second Life Exploration. To **Straylight!

*The blue screen of death appears for a split second.


*Restarting system.


*Windows did not shutdown correctly, please choose one of the following.

  • *Start Windows in Safe Mode
  • *Start Windows in Safe Mode with networking
  • *Start Windows normally

“Now why did my system crashed…?”

*Please input password

“Oh well, maybe I open the system too long?”

*The desktop appears normally, but something is amiss.

“Hmm? Now where did my desktop shortcuts went?”

*Open the all programs list.

“Wait a minute…!”

*Searching for installed programs, NONE.


*Searching the C driver for installed programs and documents, NONE.*

“What happened?! Since when a crash could reformat my hard disk to the way it was when I first got it?!”

*A laptop is flying out of the 5th floor window… OMG

“GRAAAGHHHHH!!!! All my hard work!!!”

A laptop is flying out of the window... OMG

Well, I didn’t actually threw my laptop out of the window, but I felt that way. But phew, thank goodness I got system restore enabled. Still, What the Heck is this?! Something like this isn’t supposed to happen! Not with a 1 month old system!

Even My software all bugged up! And my mouse pointer! It got so damn big all of a sudden without any way to turn it back to normal except restarting!

Currently watching this site for this kind of problem.


Echochrome (無限回廊 Mugen Kairō?, lit. “endless walkway”) (usually styled in lower case: echochrome) is a puzzle game created by Sony’s JAPAN Studio and Game Yarouze, which is available for PlayStation 3 from the PlayStation Store and for PlayStation Portable(PSP) on either UMD or from the PlayStation Store. Gameplay involves a mannequin figure traversing a rotatable world where physics and reality depend on perspective.

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Second Life – ReEntry

Second Life!

Finally I can play SL without the serious lagness that I keeps experiencing. Now I could load a character in fastest 3 seconds flat! No more souls wandering around! And joining music clubs around! Go Lance!

Btw, my in-game name is Seantriana Silvershade.

List of my bookmarks for Second Life